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LACE EXPRESS is a periodical lace magazine. 
Its purpose is to publish on a periodic basis original patterns of both well-known and talented novice lace designers. It has always been our aim to publish patterns from a large variety of countries. We seek to cover a wide range of lace making technique, while at the same time giving some idea how to use the finished products. In other words, we want this publication to be a practical magazine with patterns.

We invite both experienced and novice designers to send us pictures of their lacework. The most interesting ones will be printed in the magazine together with our ones (designed by Tatiana Karpenko). We welcome your comments and suggestions, and also proposals for lace design. 

Album "Russian Lace"
Album "Russische Spitze"
Album "Dentelles genre Russe"
Encyclopedia "Grounds of Russian bobbin-lace"
Enzyklopädie "Gründe der russischen Spitze" 
Encyclopédie "Fonds á dentelle genre Russe"
The book contains 95 different Russian grounds and shows how they can be made.
Course of Russian Lace Making
Kursus über Russische Klöppelspitze
Un cours d'instruction pour faire la dentelle Russe
Cursus over russische Kant
This book teaches you step by step Russian lace making. Using only diagrams this book would be very helpful for beginners in Russian lace technique and also for experienced lace makers.
Cluny de Brioude
Description: Mick Fouriscot and Odette Arpin, Cluny de Brioude – a wonderful book that we recommend as extremely useful to everyone who wants to learn the Cluny technique. Although the book is written in French, you will not have any difficulty understanding it because of the very clear diagrams.
Idrija Lace
Description: Bridget M. Cook and Metka Tratnik, Idrija Lace – a wonderful book that will give genuine pleasure to all lace enthusiasts and which we can recommend as extremely readable and well-written, with clear structures, simple explanations of techniques and a superb selection of beautiful patterns.
Bobbin Lace with Paper Strings
Narua Nypläyksessä
Klöppeln mit Papierband
Description: Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti, Narua Nypläyksessä (Bobbin Lace with Paper Strings) – a thoroughly unique book by a very well-known author, with a large number of beautiful ideas for combining bobbin thread lace and paper. The patterns are amazingly simple, yet extremely harmonious
Russian lace (patterns) No.1
Russian lace (patterns) No.2
Russian lace (patterns) No.3
Russian lace (pattern No. 43)
Russian lace (pattern No. 44)
Russian lace (pattern No. 45)
Russian lace (pattern No. 46)
Russian lace (patterns Nos 47, 48)
Russian lace (patterns Nos 49, 50, 51)
Russische Klöppelspitze (Musterbriefe)
La dentelle Russe (modèles)
Russische kant (patronen) 

Ane Lise Sørensen (Denmark)
Brigitte Bellon (Germany)
Thea de Roode-van den Heiligenberg (Netherlands)
The team of the museum Hôtel de la Dentelle (Brioude, France)
Odette Arpin (France)
Karen Trend Nissen (Denmark)
Iva Prošková (Czech Republic)
Marjo Timmers (Holland)
Odette Arpin
Nathalie Bailly
Laurence Bourgault
Claudine Cubizolle
Marie-Claude Espeche
Pierrette Garny
Jane Atkinson (UK)
Brigitte Bellon (Germany)
Mary Anne Cardona (Malta)
Martine Piveteau (France)
Trenna Ruffner (USA)
Michel Jourde (France)
Monique Potoms (Belgium)
Iva Prošková (Czech Republic)
Jane Atkinson (Great Britain)
Maria Baranova (Russia)
Svetlana Kriushina (Russia)
Helena Orava (Finland)
Eva Gemming (Germany)
Elwyn Kenn (Australia)
Ingrid Martin (Germany)
Bärbel Peukert (Germany)
Inge Theuerkauf (Germany)
Svetlana Pavlikova (Czech Republic)
Michelle Pitts (Canada)
Inger & Johny Rasmussen (Denmark)
Riet Delescen van Rijsewijk (Netherlands)
Veronica Sorenson (UK)
Louise Colgan (USA)
Janis Gardiner (UK)
Martine Piveteau (France)
Patricia Read (UK)
Riet de Vries-van Schaik (Netherlands)
Jane Atkinson (UK)
Veronika Brunner (Austria)
Janis Gardiner (UK)
Christina Koustouraki-Koukoulari (Greece)
Hildegund Michler (Germany)
Bridget M. Cook (Great Britain)
Sabine Frank-Hart (Germany)
Marianne Geißendörfer (Germany)
Reiko Ichikawa (Japan)
Ann Margaret Keller (Ireland)
Hermine Stutzig (Germany)
Tinne Hansen (Denmark)
Aase Nilsson (Denmark)
Kaja Bojer Steen (Denmark)
Frie Wuytack (Belgium)
Jane Atkinson (UK)
Brigitte Bellon (Germany)
Gerd Peukert (Germany)
Marie-Christine Gosse (France)
Alena Mašková (Czech Republic)Frie Wuytack (Belgium)
Martine Piveteau (France)
Corrie Versluis (Netherlands)
Riet Delescen van Rijsewijk (Netherlands)
Annelies de Kort-van Zijderveld (Netherlands)
Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti (Finland)
Christina Koustouraki-Koukoulari (Greece)
Inge Marie Larsen (Denmark)
Martine Piveteau (France)
Gerlinde Simon (Germany)
Kaja Bojer Steen (Denmark)
Claudette Bouvot (France)
Bridget M. Cook (UK)
Jacqueline Genevois (Belgium)
Tuula Huovinen (Finland)
Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti (Finland)
Helene Kuma (Estonia)
Thea de Roode-van den Heiligenberg (Netherlands)
Michelle Pitts (Canada)
Irma Sedej (Slovenia)
Metka Tratnik (Slovenia)
Rita Johnson (UK)
T.&A. Karpenko